Monday, January 7, 2013

Mandeville Inspired Laurel Scroll

This is one of my most Period scrolls. It was done for a VERY talented Lady ( for her recognition as a laurel.

Laurel Scroll based on The Travels of Sir John Mandeville, plate 3 (Sir John Mandeville writing an account of his voyage), Prague circa 1410. I changed Sir John to Mistress Gwerfyl (Aneira's registred name) and made his servant her son. I changed the colors in the window to match Her Arms and added gold on the flowers plus the Laurel wreath. I tinted the Velum with egg tempera and the entire thing is done in egg tempera except for the white which is an opaque watercolor,. the ink used is oak gall.

She loved it and apparently many have commented on my portraits of her and her son. I wasn't sure I captured them very well.


  1. This is beautiful and I am sure that it was greatly appreciated since it was so personal.

  2. I love this. What a wonderful piece!

  3. You're truly a gifted artist! Lovely work!