Thursday, January 3, 2013

Unusual Scrolls part 1

I love doing scrolls that ae not the normal flat paper/velum/parchment types. This is one I consider my masterwork. It is a Knighting scroll and was painted on an actual curved wood sheild. While I used modern pigments (Acrylic) I did this totally in period process. It started with a brown underpainting (grisale) and each color was bilt up in layered washes. The armor itself has about 6 layers.  It is 38 x 25, curved wood. It is based on parade/decorative Shields from the Renaissance. I based it on the Archangel Michael from the triptych "The Virgin adoring the Child, the Archangel Raphael with Tobias and the Archangel Michael" by Pietro Perugino, 1500-1505, Florence. The face has been changed and is based on a drawing of a young man by Michelangelo. The words for the scroll are around the border in gold (hard to see in the picture). The person who got this was happy with it and others also complimented me on it. I have bought more wooden sheilds and hope to do more in this style.

(I created the wording myself and am very pleased with it;
To all and singular nobles and gentles pay heed,We Cuan and Padraigin, King and Queen of Atlantia here command your attention. Faith, Hope, Charity, Justice, Prudence, Strength and Temperance, these are the seven virtues of a Knight. By Our will and with the voice of Our Order of Chivalry do we charge Dagonet De Marlowe to live by these words,for we acknowledge his chivalry and martial prowess and hereby elevate him to the rank of Knight of the Society. Further we affirm by letters Patent his right to bear the arms; Sable, a wolf passant argent between three crescents Or. This we have done on the 15th day of March, A.S. XXXVII in witness whereof We set Our hands.)

                                                          Perugino's Archangel

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