Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Huge and Unusual Scroll

Pelican scroll, painted tapestry, based on (drawing) by Alessandro Allori, Florence, 1535-1607,(drawing and cartoon) by Michelangelo Cinganelli, Florence, 1635, (textile) by Guasparri Papini, Florence, 1588-1621. Portiera with arms of the Medici and Austria. Changed to the arms of Barbara Giomaria di Roberto with ASpike@ supporters. Corner designs changed to AGolden Dolphin@, A Order of St. Barbara@, AOrder of Job@ and ABurdened Tiger@ badges. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, July A.S. XLI.  This is about 4 feet by 5 feet, painted on raw canvas. I think it is the largest scroll ever done for the kingdom.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Painterly Scroll 2

Opal scroll for Lady Alexandria Wright. Mertyiger and banner inspired by heraldic displays, background inspired by works by Simon Bening, Bruges, 1500's. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, September, A.S. XXXIX.  The Opal badge had not been passed when this was done. I have since added the badge to the finished scroll but do not have a scan/picture of it. The Opal is Atlantia's first level Arts award.
At the time this was done I had not seen a heraldic mertyger and designed this myself. I went on to register one as a badge which the kingdom then "borrowed" as a children's award (with a split body coloring instead of my all one color.)
As I did not base this directly on any one page there is no reference picture to post.

Painterly Scroll 1

(Note; all calligraphy on my scrolls unless otherwise noted, is by me. I am NOT a calligrapher and it is pretty bad I know. But at least it is done in period ink, Oak Gall.) 
AoA based onAthe Hastings Hours (Hours of the Virgin; the royal barge), 1500's Netherlands. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, A.S. XLIII. I love this style, doing a picture with a space inserted for the words is just perfect for a painter like myself. This was fun to do and I think the recipient really liked it. This is about 5 x 8 on velum.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Milanese AoA 2

AoA based on the Barbavara Book of Hours  Master of Walters, Death and the King, (Floral border only), Milan, ca. 1440.  Done by Master Tristan Alexander, Feb, A.S. XL. I left the cherub off (even though I love to paint them some don’t like them on scrolls). This was 8 ½ x 11 on velum.

Milanese AoA 1

AoA based on the Barbavara Book of Hours  Master of Walters 323, The Hunter Saint Hubert Kneeling Before the Stag Bearing a Cross in its Antlers; Hunter and Falcon Sitting in the Wilderness; Floral Border (border only with Lady with sparrow replacing Hunter and Falcon),Milan, ca. 1440.  Done by Master Tristan Alexander, Feb, A.S. XL. I love the style of this book of Hours and have done 2 scrolls based on it so far. This was 8 1/2 x 11 on velum. 

King Rene's Style Laurel

Unfortunately I have only this bad quality picture of one of my favorite scrolls. I did this back in 2001-2002  it is a Laurel scroll for a friend and it came out very much as I had wanted. Based strongly on King Rene's Book of Love, Folio 5v, 15th century, French. The scroll was 9 x 12 (I think) on velum.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

German Scroll 4

Sea Stag based on The Theuerdank, German, 1517, illustration 102 ATheuerdank vanquishes his opponent in a sword fight@. Done Sept. A.S. XLI by Master Tristan Alexander. The Sea Stag is Atlantia's Kingdom level fighting award. I enjoyed this one it has so much of the right feel being an ink drawing that is then colored with washes as the original was an etching colored with washes. 8 1/2 x 11 (I think) on velum.

German Scroll 3

Golden Dolphin for Baron Heinrich Kriner based on Cod.2769, fol.Iv, inscription page of the Eberler Bible, German, 1464. The Golden Dolphin is Atlantian's Kingdom level Service award. I modified the original manuscript page allot for this scroll. It is about 8 1/2 x 11 Acrylic on velum.

German Scroll 2

Opal scroll based on AA Mercenary Holding the Banner of the Glarus Canton, Swiss, 1485-1529 drawn by Graf. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, Oct. A.S. XLI. The Opal is Atlantia's mid level Service award. This was done in ink on Velum and the words are in German. I think this was less than 8 1/2 x 11.

German Scroll 1

Court Baronage scroll based on ABetrayal of Christ from the Engraved Passion, (recto)@, Engravings with transparent washes and body colors, highlighted with gold and silver, mounted on sheets of parchment by Albrecht Durer and Georg Mack the Elder, German, 1513. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, Oct., A.S. XLI.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pearl for an Apprentice

Pearl for Amie Sparrow based on Folio 37, of the “Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta”, of Rudolf II. 1542-1601. Doneby Master Tristan Alexander, A.S. XLIV.
I love the Mira Calligraphiae and have used it for many many scrolls. This was done for my apprentice when she got her Pearl (Atlantia's Kingdom level Arts Award). This is about 5 x 8, Acrylic and Oak gal ink on velum.   

Friday, February 15, 2013

Elizabethan Laurel

I thought this would be easy when I took the assignment because Elizabethan stuff was well documented and all over the place! But as it turns out finding an illuminated book from that period was NOT easy. The reason, printing! All most all the books of that time in England where printed and no longer hand done, so I had to look hard to find something to base this on. I finaly found the Psalter of the Earl of Arundel (and since I live in Maryland and Arundel is a county in Maryland named for this man, it seemed even more rght). The colors are from the Psalter and the design is mostly from the book page.
Based on The Psalter of the Earl of Arundel, fols.105, England, 1565 and Title page from a book designed by Agostino Carraci, Bologna 1586, Pl.148. Words based on an adaptation by Eldred Aelfwald of a 1576 Patent. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, Nov. A.S. XL.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Coronets 4

This one is the most complex coronet I ever did. It has allot of cut work, real pearls around the base and 12 horses! I love how this looked when finished.

Coronets 3

These were done for setting Baron and Baroness. Some are somewhat elaborately cut.  I am very happy to know that these were worn by those serving their baronies and gave them spiff with comfort.

Coronets 2

Here are more leather coronets. The first was done for my husband, the second for Baroness Ro and the third for Baroness Belphobe and the last for Baroness Swetzka. Ro and Belphobe's have wooden flues on them. Swtzka's  actually leans out from the center instead of being straight up and down.

Coronets 1

I have done many leather coronets, starting with my own personal ones and one for my husband. These are cut and painted leather with imitation stones. Designs are based on or inspired by metal crowns/coronets from period. I have not yet found any documentation for leather ones being done in period. But these are cheaper, easier to make and SO much more comfortable to wear! Here are a couple of my personal coronets. Not great quality pictures I am afraid.

Another Unusual Scroll

This is both a scroll and a coronet. I made the leather coronet for a Court Baroness and it has the words of the scroll on it (it is the scroll there is no paper/velum version). Cut and painted leather.