Friday, February 15, 2013

Elizabethan Laurel

I thought this would be easy when I took the assignment because Elizabethan stuff was well documented and all over the place! But as it turns out finding an illuminated book from that period was NOT easy. The reason, printing! All most all the books of that time in England where printed and no longer hand done, so I had to look hard to find something to base this on. I finaly found the Psalter of the Earl of Arundel (and since I live in Maryland and Arundel is a county in Maryland named for this man, it seemed even more rght). The colors are from the Psalter and the design is mostly from the book page.
Based on The Psalter of the Earl of Arundel, fols.105, England, 1565 and Title page from a book designed by Agostino Carraci, Bologna 1586, Pl.148. Words based on an adaptation by Eldred Aelfwald of a 1576 Patent. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, Nov. A.S. XL.

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