Friday, February 22, 2013

Painterly Scroll 2

Opal scroll for Lady Alexandria Wright. Mertyiger and banner inspired by heraldic displays, background inspired by works by Simon Bening, Bruges, 1500's. Done by Master Tristan Alexander, September, A.S. XXXIX.  The Opal badge had not been passed when this was done. I have since added the badge to the finished scroll but do not have a scan/picture of it. The Opal is Atlantia's first level Arts award.
At the time this was done I had not seen a heraldic mertyger and designed this myself. I went on to register one as a badge which the kingdom then "borrowed" as a children's award (with a split body coloring instead of my all one color.)
As I did not base this directly on any one page there is no reference picture to post.

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